Session 6: Clinical Pharmacology

Session 6: Clinical Pharmacology Photo
Clinical Pharmacology is the methodical discipline that includes all features of the association between drugs and humans. It is a multidisciplinary discipline that includes specialists with a wide variety of scientific skills containing medicine, pharmacology, pharmacy, biomedical science and nursing. Clinical pharmacologist is normally used in the expert sense to refer to physicians who are specialists in clinical pharmacology. They have assumed several years of advanced training in many aspects of the above relationship including health care, education, and exploration. Such clinical pharmacologists have as their primary aim that of enlightening patient care directly or indirectly by developing improved medicines and endorsing the safer and more effective use of drugs.
  • Drug safety
  • Medicine development
  • Safety testing
  • Pharmacological testing
  • Geriatric pharmacology
  • Pediatric pharmacology
  • Environmental pharmacology
  • Biochemical pharmacology

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