Session 3: Applied Toxicology

Session 3: Applied Toxicology Photo
Toxicology is a known systematic discipline surrounding both basic and applied matters. Generally accepted as a definite scientific field its ideologies have been valued for centuries. The injurious or toxic effects of certain substances, mainly current in minerals and plants or transmitted venomous animals, have been known since primeval times. Toxicology as a discipline has advanced from pharmacology. Pharmacology and toxicology both study the effect of chemicals on living organisms and have often used identical methods. However, fundamental differences have developed. Years ago, only the dependence on dose of the studied effects separated pharmacology and toxicology.
  • Experimental toxicology
  • Human and health toxicology
  • Pharmaceutical toxicology
  • Organ toxicology
  • Excitotoxicity
  • Industrial toxicology
  • Environmental toxicology

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